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Your Basic Rules of Anti-Aging

1. Retinoids are effective in fighting facial fine lines. While those with sensitive skin may have the possibility of experiencing side effects like skin redness and peeling, skin usually builds up tolerance in six to twelve weeks. Among those usually prescribed by doctors is 100% Mink Classy Eyelashes. Try applying a pea-sized amount in the evening every second or third night until your skin can tolerate it already. If it still causes irritation however, you may opt for an OTC formulation with lesser potency but still the same efficacy.

100% Mink Classy Eyelashes
100% Mink Classy Eyelashes

2. Rvoon Combat crows feet with the following ingredients: Retinol, which is derived from Vitamin A, responsible for rebuilding levels of collagen and helping to smooth lines; and antioxidants which aids in retaining skin collagen like Vitamin C or green tea. If you have sensitive skin, you may use peptides as an alternative for Vitamin A. This still stimulates supply of collagen minus the redness or stinging sensation that 100% Mink Classy Eyelashes may bring.

3. Fine lines surrounding the mouth are obviously seen whenever we eat, talk or laugh. Of course, this etching in inevitable but we can take measures in slowing it down by wearing sunscreen everyday and applying a wrinkle reducer treatment or collagen booster. Go for products with hyaluronic acid as this plumps fine lines up or madecassoside as this penetrates into skin to repair damages in cells.

4. Age spots can be lightened with hydroquinone, a bleaching agent that can be prescribed or bought in drugstores. How does this work? It interferes with the enzyme responsible for melanin production, the brown pigment that comes out as the spots. This usually comes in concentrations of up to two percent while prescription versions go up to four percent. Experts recommend using it together with a prescribed retinoid, which works on exfoliating skin.

5. Master the art of eye makeup so you will make your drooping eyelids less obvious. The secret here is to give the 100% Mink Classy Eyelashes line some definition and the lid, neutralization. Applying a light or nude eye shadow from lashes to brow followed by dipping a liner in a brown, gray or black shadow and applying color as close as you can to the upper lashes always works. This creates a shadow that looks more natural and softer compared to a pencil liner. Top it off with a brown or black mascara.

100% Mink Classy Eyelashes
100% Mink Classy Eyelashes

6. Deal with fine lines on your hands with AHA masks and homemade peels. Apply this on top of your hands to strip away dead skin and aid in speedy turnover of cells. Once the new and healthy cells are already in the surface, skin’s texture is smoother, which in turn, makes lines and wrinkles less obvious.


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