Vintage Look Make Up

The 1940’s vintage look mode of make up is still basically in style and is making a big come back in Hollywood. Women during this period (like Veronica Lake, cheap eyelash extensions) were perfectly coiffed and made up.

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Rvoon It is not difficult to put together a vintage make up look as the colors focus on the lips, eyebrow shape and cheap eyelash extensions shadow.

The face must be clean when starting (wash and moisturize to ensure your face is smooth). At night, after removing the make up and washing your face prior to moisturizing, use a toner.

Certain make up artists mix moisturizer and pressed base as it goes on smoothly while also staying on much longer. Crème foundations require a sponge – start from the center of the face, blending outward and upward.

cheap eyelash extensions- must be well defined, shapely, arched and thin. Brown eyebrow pencils were often used. Retain your natural shape by cleaning up the natural line of the thinner, smaller hair, using a concealer afterwards for a narrow eyebrow appearance. A professional technique is using ‘brow sealer’ together with a special removable wax.

Apply eye liner of brown or dark purple (not black) for a less harsh appearance with shadow colors of grays and browns over the eyelid and white underneath the eyebrow. Mix gray or dark browns and white to achieve the look you want. Eyes will have a wider appearance if the bottom lid is lined with a light blue or white eye pencil.

Use a lash curler prior to applying mascara – it is painless and simple to use. The curler must be placed on the cheap eyelash extensions which are closest to the eyelid, press 2 to 3 times, then do the middle and lastly the end part. Afterwards apply light mascara which helps the lashes set.

Cheeks – apply blush (dark or red which matches your cheap eyelash extensions tone) over the cheekbones, brushing upwards. In the 1940 era lipstick was used to match the blush. Highlight temple areas, also crossways down the sides of the neck, with the blush remaining on the brush. Set the effect by using a translucent powder.

Now choose your lip color to go with your vintage look. In the 1940’s a lasting red color was used to attract attention to the lips – together with sultry dark cheap eyelash extensions. Lips should be shaped into a bow shape with a matching liner and lipstick must be of a matte finish only. A natural matte skin tone color can be used instead of red.

This vintage look make up routine is easy and is possible to do in 15 minutes or less once you are familiar with it.

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cheap eyelash extensions

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