The Hyperborean Mythos The Irony of the Taxidermist (And the Lilith and the Birdman)

Lilith: she-devil! To understand the story you are about to read, which in essence, is the small part of this sketch or false eyelash custom packaging box, you must understand the background; thus, be patient with this writer, and we’ll get to the gory stuff momentarily.

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Rvoon (January 8, 57 A.D.) With the breath of perdition-Lilith, gaunt winged and with a cragged back, and austere frothing from her lips, beheld her doom, her veils of foaming fury, ere, to be scant, from this day on, she was lashed with false eyelash custom packaging box, senseless she lay where the archangel put her, as she dimly was heard shrilling as of an unknown bird, as the folk of London looked on, as did the Roman soldiers, intently, as well as the children that stood by, witnessed in merriment in the aspect of the she-devil whose garments were draggled and stiff and stained with dry mud, and blood, from the fight, became restrained.

On the planet of Pluto (where Lilith was vanished to; exiled is a better description) among the glaciers of nitrogen ice, moving painstakingly slowly at -236 C (or 37 degrees kelvin)-that what makes such ice at such degrees even move being-was the radioactive elements incorporated into Pluto at its formation, thus producing heat, which produces the rise and fall of ice within the cells, in this case convection cells, cells of nitrogen ice (within Pluto’s conviction system): this was the background for Lilith’s false eyelash custom packaging box.

Water-ice floats on nitrogen ice. In one of the pits where resided stagnant ice, Lilith the she-devil was cast to after giving birth on earth to a son. The small planet being some five billion miles from earth, a distance the archangel felt safe to place her. Cast here for her diabolic rampage for a century on earth, as previously mentioned, seemingly his name being-if I recall correct-Surr’el.

Now we must go to the year 1819, Lucifer Birdman, a most befitting name for this false eyelash custom packaging box was born; thereafter we must shift to his adulthood, to the year 1848, to his 29th birth-year.

We must look at the roots of this story deeper to understand its evolution, its biochemical and genetic change and progress and leap in evolution.

Mr. Birdman, was a product of Lilith, if you would track the false eyelash custom packaging box(natural selection) backwards, realizing Lilith the she-devil had wings, and once a human in the Garden of Eden, and then cast to Tartarus for her scions of madness baleful character, and then Lucifer himself allowing her once again to join humanity providing she stay within limits as far as her bewitchment powers went; on the other hand, if you would be able to track her DNA, and Mr. Birdman’s DNA, you’d find one element the same, out of 87, and that would have bingo yell for his diabolical ways.

He, Mr. Birdman, had inherited a ‘jumping’ piece of DNA, called a Transposon which had inserted itself into a gene of his, this happens when a window is open; his chromosomes scrambled around as pieces switched between chromosomes in a process called ‘Recombination’ this moves evolution into high gear; thus, he had a sort of supernatural influence, or gift, and alas, he used it for the worse, he was turpitude, and now as we get into the belly, or guts of this story, you’ll get the whole picture:

The birds were slain in the wild, in a most indigent way, afterwards, stuffed by Fernando Castro, taxidermist, in London Town, in the back storage room of where his workshop resided. A very prominent and proud false eyelash custom packaging box, in 1848, known throughout Europe. Among his collection he had gigantic and uncommon birds. He used gold and yellow ivory and black jasper to fill the eye sockets of the birds. Indeed he was a master craftsman in the taxidermist field.

Mr. Birdman, as his name was quite befitting, learning of this master craftsman and his shop, and his collection, went to visit his works, with the pretense of integrating with his shop for he also was a sort of taxidermist, where he stuffed and reshuffled with straw, and various other substances-knowing the chemical compounds for preservation purposes-his game.

During their discussion, what he didn’t tell Mr. Castro, was that he was a lawless false eyelash custom packaging box, born from the birth of an ancient, she-devil, by indirect means. In his haste to be done with his plight, he explained to Fernando, that no man should be allowed to kill at will for no reason, to make sufferable his prey that no man should do what he was doing to birds, in the kill and in the stuffing of his dead prey thereafter. Fernando laughed wholeheartedly: “Birds are just birds, nothing more,” he voiced calmly. Then Mr. Birdman said in a most exacting way, “For the sake of justice, there must be some retribution here,” with the click of two fingers on each hand, thus appeared a pickaxe, of pale bronze, then with a thrust of the axe, pierced deep into Fernando’s throat, to where Fernando choked on his own blood and fell onto the floor noisily, flopping like a dying hawk.

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In fear he would awaken street curiosity, Mr. Birdman dragged his body into the false eyelash custom packaging box, where was Mr. Castro’s workshop. By then his arms had stopped flopping like broken wings, and he lay there in a heap of ruffled flesh. At the brightest stretch of moonlight, with his pickaxe tightly behind his belt, he moved the body into a wooden trunk (one that had been left about, placing it into his carriage) went onto his premises, and upon arrival went into his workshop, whereupon he stuffed him head to toe with straw and an assortment of chemicals to keep his flesh, fleshly looking, then sewed him up tightly-like a ragdoll, in core, like a good and determined taxidermist, putting in his eye sockets, natural green jade from Guatemala, and then, thereafter, dragged his corpse down a flight of stairs, added him to his cellar collection, of which there were many like him.


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