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How Much Do You Know About Stream Cosmetics?

Stream Cosmetics is a new entry into the airbrush mink eyelash suppliers industry. Sean Mehta, founder of this company, has assembled a group of makeup professionals and makeup developers to work on the airbrush makeup products Stream Cosmetics has to offer. However, the company has the full support of its originator, Luminess Air. This is why most of the cosmetics are relatively similar in a few aspects.

mink eyelash suppliers
mink eyelash suppliers

Rvoon Here are the key points at play for you to decide whether to give this company a try or not:

  • Stream Cosmetics’ mink eyelash suppliers line is developed with the latest technology and a selection of botanicals. Therefore, the company promises a flawless finish that won’t be marred by skin rashes and breakouts.
  • The company’s products comply with European and Japanese standards.
  • This airbrush makeup producer offers water-based, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and mineral-based makeup. The labs have made sure that the makeup is free from paraben, silicone, and other skin irritants.
  • It’s tanning formula is approved by the FDA and will easily last for more than 10 days without rubbing onto your clothes or sheets.
  • The company offers a mixture of conventional makeup products and airbrush liquid makeup. This makes Stream Cosmetic one of the few airbrush makeup providers that offer a complete face of makeup.
  • Though the kits are more expensive in comparison with others out there, spa and salon owners will be able to benefit from the amount of mink eyelash suppliers they will get.
  • It offers its clients the chance to host an airbrush makeup party and get a free kit in the process as well as different discounts on the company’s products.
mink eyelash suppliers
mink eyelash suppliers

This is an overview of some of the highlights of Stream Cosmetics’ line. However, the company has a lot to prove before it reaches the heights achieved by moguls Dinair Airbrush mink eyelash suppliers , Temptu and Kett Cosmetics.

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