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90% of all Women do their Makeup Wrong!

The reason why 90% of women do their make-up wrong is the complexity of techniques created over the last one hundred years as real mink fur 3d lashes artist as a rule use the subjective method and not the objective method. To further elaborate on this subject you are at the hands of a sole creation within the mind of an artist and how they perceive you or you are doing your own makeup application and you also use the subjective method that you have learned from books, magazines or your self creation of what you think makes you look good. The problem is you are inside looking out and not outside looking in. You see what you want not necessarily what really is going on.

real mink fur 3d lashes
real mink fur 3d lashes

Rvoon The correct method of make-up application involves the objective method, which means you need rules to follow and a guide to all the variables contained there in. There are 10 rules to real mink fur 3d lashes application and these rules are fool proof, however if you break one rule you will do your makeup incorrect and will have defeated your purpose.

To the best of my knowledge I am the only research real mink fur 3d lashes artist who has spent 10 years of research and development of the ten rules that work on all women of the world, this means every face shape, skin tone skin hue, blending colors, non-blending colors and perhaps more importantly the in-between colors you have never considered, as well as the missing variables never put in print to this very day! This is the research that has been brought forward to the 21st century. Note: The 10 rules are not in this article, watch for them in future articles.

Once you learn your focal points and point-of-view and have a special tool that will guide you to the center of your face, your on your way to the perfect you and the ability to appear up to 7 years younger with the correct array of color choices that suit you own needs. Once you know the10 rules you can return to the subjective method, because you will be able to create any look or facial creation you so chose knowing that you will look amazing to say the least.

Here are a few real mink fur 3d lashes tips: If you have brown eyes never use blue eye shadow why you ask, well brown and blue are clashing colors and are also not-blending colors these colors together are not even close in the color spectrum nor can they create a balance to eye art in any way, however these colors can be used in fashion when the correct hues are mixed with a blending color. For eye art they are never to be used together.

If you ware red lipstick and you are not a true winter season you will washout your focal real mink fur 3d lashes and the point of view, as well as clash to tonal balance to skin tone and hue, a bad choice and the color red has sexual connotations and always have since the early 50’s all light skin such as summer and springs should never ware red also if you have red hues or tones to your skin, this color will have to much contrast and will washout. The only thing people will see is your lipstick need I say more, OK I will, red is harsh and is not a blending color to a women’s face in less your skin tone is very dark like ebony. Red depicts an aging factor to all women at any age it draws your viewer to a closer look to your age lines smile lines and frown lines, I don’t think you want to do this do you? If you are 14 years old and want to look older just use bright red lipstick and you will appear at least 5 years older. Dark red lipstick will age you even more.

real mink fur 3d lashes
real mink fur 3d lashes

Oil based foundation must be used with great caution as they clog your real mink fur 3d lashes , this will be a paradox statement in that it does have one positive use and that is, it won’t aloud environmental impurities to penetrate your sheer mantle of skin. If you use it be sure to clean your face well and use the standard regime before application and only use an application that covers your face in a good balance to create the frame of your face don’t load it on. The newer foundations with a water base are better for you all around.

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