Why Rvoon Lashes has more than 200 orders every day?

Why Rvoon Lashes has more than 200 orders every day?



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As the demand for Mink eyelashes continues to expand, the market for mink eyelashes has also continued to develop. More and more people have begun to engage in the eyelash business. Therefore, the number of Mink eyelashes wholesale suppliers is also increasing. So why are some Eyelash manufacturers customers? Very few, but Rvoon Lashes have more than200 customers every day?


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Many people ask why Rvoon mink eyelashes are so popular. It’s because our mink eyelashes are handmade by workers without any chemical ingredients. They use 100% of the hair that comes off the tail of Siberian mink, cruelty-free. We have five In a factory with hundreds of people, each worker can only make 30 pairs of eyelashes a day, because they are very serious and make them healthy. So choosing Rvoon is your best choice

As you can see, with such fast printing technology and such advanced printers, our company has more than 20 units. This greatly reduces the time for customers to wait for the box to be made, and can receive customized eyelash packaging more quickly. Laser printing is a waterproof logo, which will make your box more beautiful.

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Our customized eyelash packaging box is also of high quality. Our logo and brand name are printed with laser, not stickers, so the waterproof effect is particularly good, and our eyelash tools are also high quality, our eyelash glue is not Containing latex, it will not irritate the sensitive skin of the eyes, we must guarantee the quality of our products to our customers!

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We have our own production factory, so our price is reasonable, even if your budget is not sufficient, it doesn’t matter. There is no minimum order quantity for our eyelashes, and the minimum order quantity for customized eyelash packaging boxes is only 30 pieces.

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As long as you want to engage in eyelash business, you can come to us for more information. We will provide you with high-quality products and the most professional services. Even if you are just starting the eyelash business, don’t worry at all. We have more than 5 years. Your eyelash business experience can help your eyelash business succeed!

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We have more eyelash tools, all of which can be customized, logo printing, eyelash glue, eyelash tweezers are all customizable, if you buy from us, you can also give you beautiful eyelash brushes for free.