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We are professional great quality of Mink lashes manufacturer.16mm mink eyelashes are 100% mink hair. We only produce good quality eyelashes. 16mm eyelashes are suitable for work and daily wear. They are the most natural and comfortable,DC lashes are our 16mm mink lashes. they are more dramantic and dense. But they won’t look stiff on eyes because we made it manually so they are very delicate and natrural. 

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We picked every fur carefully and put the mink fur together according to the rule of aesthetics. SO why our lashes are very popular? Not only because of their quality and also their beauty. If there is a pair of lashes which has good quality and beautiful at the same time then why not choose it and have a try?




100% handmadeWithout any chemical treatment, 0% chemical added!
Giving the user beautiful while protecting the user’s beautiful eyes

We have different lengths of mink eyelashes, but the 16mm mink eyelashes are the most natural and suitable for daily wear. This length is suitable for any girl who wants to wear eyelashes. Wearing it can enlarge your eyes, which is very cute.

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DC is the most natural of the styles and the most suitable for daily wear. You can take this eyelashes to work and school. They are as comfortable and natural as your own eyelashes. It will enlarge your eyes and make you look cute.